Friday, October 26, 2012

The day after - Spooky Happenings on the Funny Farm

The day after the Chicken Zombie Massacre:

As you can imagine, at first Iraq was quite dismayed to find their carefully carved Halloween pumpkins had been so unceremoniously defaced by the chickens, but soon made a certain peace with the fact that chickens like raw pumpkin almost as much as children like pumpkin pie.


Little Millie was even invited to a private dinner. Who knew chickens would eat kitties?


And then, in keeping with the spooooooky Halloween mood, Iraq and The Skink scalped those poor pumpkins and ran about the farm brandishing their trophies like a couple of Native Americans after a successful battle!

 Hmmm... that one's already growing some hair!


Whooping and hollering, the two girls ran about the yard with the pumpkin scalps.

The chickens might have been frightened had they not been Zombie Chickens and zombie chickens fear nothing because they are undead! It would be an interesting thing indeed to attempt to bake a zombie chicken only to turn on your oven light and find it tromping about happily inside your oven!

And the heck with the four and twenty blackbirds backed in a pie... I wonder how the king would have reacted to the pie being opened to release four and twenty zombie chickens?

I'll bet the Little Red Zombie Chicken wouldn't be caught undead running around claiming the sky was falling! No - she'd be lurking in a back ally clicking, "bu... bu. bu...bu... brru... brru... brr... brains!"

The Birds (1963)
"...and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own!"  

 "And what," you ask, "do zombie chickens look like? After all, a decomposing chicken must make a bad molt look like a good hair day for a zombie chicken!"
Well, I'll tell you. Zombie chickens look a little like...


And then as the moon rose into the sky, the children (who seemed to think they had been zombified too) went out to greet the dark shadows lurking in the distance.

“I will not be threatened by a walking meat loaf!”
An American Werewolf in London (1981)
But as hard as she tried, she could not suck the brains through the calf's thick skull... which was just fine with her mother who didn't want to have to compensate the landlord for the calf! 

And they all lived spookily ever after!


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  1. Everyone gets upset/agitated whenever their hard work goes to ruin, but I can relate to Iraq's disappointed, yet jovial reaction to her jack-o-lantern being defaced by chickens because I express the same disappointment and sympathy in the same settings.


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