Sunday, January 13, 2013

So It's Been A While...

Yes - it has been a long while.

Iraq has been a tough kid to raise, but she has found a new love...


She started riding in December. I am able to work at the barn part time and earn lessons for her... which suits me just fine!!

The Skink...   Still adorable! She was invited to sing a solo of "Jingle Bells" at the annual school board meeting, and reportedly was the star of the show. Her amazing teacher (who loves her to bits) got her the most adorable outfit - my kid looked like a princess!!

The chickens are growing up. Gunnar is getting to be a big boy - and very handsome too!

The Skink got a drum set for Christmas... which she loves!

Iraq got two fuzzy chickens (Silkies) for Christmas. They are much quieter than The Skink's gift and they lay eggs!

This one thinks it's a wookie, apparently...

Iraq's first time cantering. Don't let her expression fool you - the rest of the way around she was beaming!

And today the girls enjoyed a picnic... with guests.

Hungry guests...

Yes - farm life has made an extraordinary difference in our lives... and our choice of picnic guests! But we're loving every minute of it. We still have our challenges, but challenges just seem a little easier when you're surrounded by beauty... and chickens.

(If you happen to like chickens, please check out my other blog: Natural Chicken Keeping)



  1. Hi,

    I found your blog last night via an article on DS. Your blog is so interesting and well written, I appreciate it! I browsed your blog last night and thoroughly enjoyed your various articles!

    I have a son with Down Syndrome - he is three years and four months old. He is extremely intelligent and my challenge is actually in keeping up with his pace of learning! He has learned his shapes, colors, color sorting and the alphabet etc. He learns so quickly that I am having trouble staying ahead of his learning curve so that I can provide the appropriate materials / instruction! It's a good challenge to have I must say!

    He is more than ready to begin learning to read, in fact I am about a year behind on this and really should have started sooner, but alas, I have not and so it is time to start teaching him to read. Hence my email to you. Did you use a specific program to teach your little one to read? Do you have any recommendations on good programs to use?

    Kind regards,


    1. K - my daughter loved the "Your Baby Can Read" and "Your Child Can Read" series. I started by just leaving it on as she was playing. I was amazed how fast she learned everything! She was reading very early (before she turned 3) and learned more and more as she grew older.

      Best wishes!

    2. Thank-you so very kindly for the advice! I will look into the series.

      Lovely blog, lovely pictures. I will enjoy reading this blog over time.

      Incidentally, the picture of the "Wookie" chicken made me laugh out loud! That was funny! :)

      Kind regards,



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