Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We're Moving to the Country! Good Things Are Happening!

For almost three years now, my husband has been having to commute 64 miles (each way) to work. You see, we had a house in town near where my husband worked and then the kids ended up in a school we just loved... and then my husband's facility was shut down and he was transferred to a facility waaaaaay out in the country. We didn't want to uproot the kids again...

But the commute paired with the higher cost of living in town has just been too much. There have also been changes with our girl's school, and The Skink will not be able to go there in the coming school year. So we decided it was time to start looking for a place to live closer to my husband's work.

After weeks and weeks of searching and turning up very little as far as rentals (unless we wanted to live in a single-wide behind a factory... which we didn't) I totally lucked out and found a little-known website with an expired listing for a place that sounded way too good to be true, and I called. The voice on the other end of the line sounded surprised... but then said as luck would have it, the house was going to be available again around the end of July!

We scheduled a visit...

and fell...



See that lovely, white farmhouse nestled under the mountain range?

We're going to be moving there around the end of July!

It's a 1905 farmhouse that has been completely updated and restored. It has been decorated in era style. It is part of a 300 acre horse farm. It's only 18(ish) miles from my husband's work. In short - it is the house of my dreams!

The little yard bordered by the white picket fence will be the yard where my children will play, and where Brandy the Wonder Dog will relax in the sun. The Skink will enjoy the cows that will come up to the livestock fence right by the little play yard. Mommy will love the fresh air her children will be playing in, devoid of the exhaust from the hundreds of cars and trucks we see, hear and smell each day in the city.

And under a large shade-tree in the back yard, a chicken coop awaits... and I can't tell you how excited I am about getting chickens and having fresh eggs to feed my family (not to mention some colorful new pets).

There's also a fish pond on the property. Broadway is eager to learn to fish in his own back yard!

(The back of the house)

Oh - and did I mention HORSES?? Having been a mega-horse-addict my entire life, this place looks like heaven to me! We won't be able to afford any of our own horses for a while, but the people who own the property have four horses... and four cows. YAY! 

We found out just last night that we will be allowed to rent this amazing place! Iraq and I jumped up and down, yelling, "We got the house! We got the house!" This says a lot, because I have never been the jump-scream type! I'm so amazingly excited and happy I can barely see straight! 

I'm less excited about having to pack up the house, but whatever, right?

And with that I will leave you with a few pictures from our visit to Mimi and Pop's house yesterday -

Got some great shots of this Osprey hunting when we were out on the boat!

Here, fishie, fishie, fishie!


May great things come your way, too!

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  1. Gorgeous! Yay! Congratulations! :)

  2. Wow, that is too beautiful you must be thrilled, exciting times ahead for everyone


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