Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Budding Photographer

 Yesterday morning, Iraq informed me she wanted to use my camera and she wanted me to "model" for her so she could take pictures. Truth be told, I instantly morph into the biggest goober in front of the camera, so I wasn't overly thrilled with the idea. To say that I am not photogenic is like calling the ocean "a little water." But when I uploaded the photos, I was rather pleasantly surprised to find she had taken some really good ones.

So today when Mimi came over and asked if we wanted to go to the Transportation Museum, I grabbed my back-up camera and put it in Iraq's Hello Kitty Purse. I told her she could take all the pictures she wanted of anything she wanted to take pictures of, any way she wanted to take them. (Grow, creativity! Grow!)

I may be a little biased, but I think she is showing some promise! These are a few of my absolute favorites:

Not too shabby for a kid who just turned 9! Needless to say, I will be doing everything in my power to cultivate this new found form of expression for Iraq.

While Iraq carried her purse to keep the camera in, The Skink carried her own purse... with a change of pants just in case.

The model trains were The Skink's favorite thing! Well, those and the real trains. She seems to really like trains.

(Iraq demonstrates how a train's pistons work.)

(The rocket is part of the museum's exhibits... but both structures look as if they could take off at any moment.)

 We all had a great time and The Skink stayed dry our whole visit and so far, all day today! (Gee - I hope I didn't just jinx our "dry spell."

Iraq... Iraq did GREAT! In the not-too-distant-past a museum visit like this would most certainly have set her off. The lights, the noise, the sights and the crowds are all very over-stimulating for kids in the autism spectrum. I think Iraq is finally getting to the point where she is learning to control her impulses, and better monitor herself in large, public places. I'm SO proud!

The Skink had a melt-down shortly after we left the museum - LOL. Hey... you can't win them all!


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  1. Our eldest (ADHD)got his first digital camera for his 2cd birthday.[a real camera, with a wide viewfinder] He took some amazing shots, some accidental for sure, but a lot were fabulous. It died, and most of his efforts have been goofing around with cell phone cameras. We got the younger one a Disney digital back when he was about 3 or 4- he has DS, and motor control issues. He never used it much. Now 8, he got a real digital for his birthday. Need him to sit still for an event? Hand him the camera. A lot of throw-aways (not holding still ususlly), but his framing is good when he bothers. What is fascinating is what he chooses to take pictures of, and who.
    I am heartily in favor of cameras for kids as soon as they have the dexterity. If nothing else, it helps them view the world a bit more as an artist, even if they have no talent for drawing.

  2. Just a thought, but I wonder if Iraq focusing on the camera and taking the pictures actually helped her "drown out" some of the other sensory stimuli that would have normally sent her over the edge. You may have just found a way for her to keep her self calm in overstimulating environments.

  3. Beautiful captures,u done a great Job..Keep it up..


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