Monday, June 11, 2012

Brief Weekend Update

 With summer settling in, we enjoyed a jaunt to Mimi and Pop's lake house this weekend to enjoy some swimming and boating. Iraq has morphed into her warm weather fish form and has mastered diving from the higher of the docks.

After some time in the water, Iraq came out to warm her pruned skin in the sun.

"Mom!" I heard her exclaim. "Mom, look! A dragonfly!"
A lovely, small dragonfly with gossamer wings had settled on her arm, perhaps to warm in the sun also... but strangely, no matter what movements Iraq made, it stayed with her. Sometimes it would fly up a bit, only to settle back down on her shoulder or her other arm.

"I wonder if Nana is sending you a message through the dragonfly,"
I said to her. As the last word skipped from my lips, I what Mimi would think. Mimi laughed a little at my words, but Iraq's eyes lit up at the idea of her paternal grandmother sending her a love note from heaven.

"Really?" Iraq asked me. "So you really think Nana is saying 'Hi' to me?"
I could feel Mimi eying me, but with a certain resolve in my heart, I said, "Yes I do. I think Nana wants you to know how much she loves you, even though she died while you were still growing inside of me."

At that moment, the dragonfly's wings started to beat, lifting it into the air. It flew from where Iraq sat on the lower dock... up, up and straight over to me, alighting on my right shoulder as if to whisper its appreciation to me.

Beaming from ear to ear, Iraq bounced up the steps and ran over to me. She stuck her finger out, and the dragonfly climbed onto it without hesitation. She took it back down to the other dock. Mimi quietly asked if we got many visits from Nana. I assured her that though they took on different forms, we certainly did!

Nana's dragonfly enjoyed the beautiful summer day with Iraq for quite some time, allowing Iraq to reposition it to a shoulder, knee or hand during lunch time.

When Iraq had eaten she eventually decided she was ready to swim again and gently set the dragonfly on one of the boats hanging in the boathouse, where it stayed for a little while before flying off.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the water, blowing bubbles and riding the boat, but perhaps Nana's firefly was the highlight of the whole, wonderful day!


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  1. I sooooo dream of being able to visit a place like your lake house. It's so beautiful!!!


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