Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Talk

Once again it's been a little while since I've had a chance to post. (I simply *must* stop meeting with my dear friend Time Constraints like this!)

Last week we took The Skink for a follow-up appointment with her pulmonologist. Severe pneumonia takes time to heal, so although she's been happy, energetic and going to school, we still need to make sure things are going in the right direction.

While the doctor said things sounded pretty good, he wanted to be certain and sent us for x-rays and some blood work to check on The Skink's TSH levels. Apparently hypothyroidism can hinder healing... Ooooo... alliteration!

I didn't take my camera to the doctor (it's a little bulky) so I got this cute little pre x-ray shot with my phone. No... I didn't take any pictures during the blood draw. Something like that might have earned me a "Bad Parent of the Day" award or something.

So. The good news is that The Skink's TSH levels were perfect! The not-quite-so-good-news is that The Skink's lungs are not quite perfect. We were all a bit surprised to learn there are still some "cloudy areas" in there, and the doctor says her lungs are a bit inflamed.

The Rx? The Skink has been having to do daily steroid treatments through her nebulizer.  (Spell correct on my computer just tried to change "nebulizer" to "neutralizer." Come over here, little Skink, so I may neutralize you!)

The doctor warned us that the steroids may give her "mood swings" and a yeast infection. Oh, joy. We've been giving her yogurt after each treatment, but...

He was right. It's been like trying to live with a menopausal 5-year-old with a yeast infection for the past week.

As Murphy's law luck would have it, the kids had only a half day of school on Friday, and had both Monday and Tuesday off, which has made my life hell delightfully challenging. So I did what any other mom-who-long-ago-lost-her-sanity would do. I took them to McDonald's... with a PlayLand!

Of course sans sanity, I also didn't think to bring my camera, and so out came my phone.

See? I turned my ancient LG Shine into an LG Sparkle :o)

While Iraq ran off the second we entered PlayLand, The Skink had no intention of going anywhere prior to enjoying her happy meal... though she was clearly thinking ahead when she removed her shoes and arranged them neatly on the table.

 When she was done eating, I opened her happy meal prize. Hmmm... I guess the McDonald's employees somehow misidentified my sparkly-shoe-wearing Skink with pigtails as someone who totally digs Captain America?

I have nothing against giving little girls action figures. The Skink, however, took one look at her "prize," nonchalantly tipped him over and said, "Oops! He falled in poo!"
Gee... now tell us how you really feel about getting duped out of a Hello Kitty toy, Skink!

With her nose still turned up at her "prize," off she went to join her sister in the labyrinth-like habitrail of multicolored wonders.

Iraq... rubbing her face in every germ known to man.


As seen during a fly-by.


And lastly, I found The Skink asleep on the couch like this a few days ago:

I thought to myself, "So cute! Asleep with an entire herd of cattle cuddled up with her."

And then I found out that this was not The Skink's attempt to include every last one of her cows in nap-time, but Iraq's failed attempt at suffocating her sister while she slept. Somehow that kind of kills the cute-factor, but oh well...


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