Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Kids Are More Prettier Than Yours and I Can Prove It!

There is just so much wrong with that title on so many levels, but it caught your eye, didn't it?

Have you ever watched that reality show, Toddlers & Tiaras? Does it make your stomach turn?

As I sit in quiet judgement of the edited commentary of a group of people I have never met, I find I am secretly jealous. It's not that I want to start spending $30,000 a year on pageant dresses, hair pieces, fake nails, entry fees and travel expenses. No... it's not that at all. It's that somehow these people, in all their *perceived* weirdness, have a little piece of normal that I don't really have.

Sure, their children are "pretty." After all, what child isn't pretty in his or her own way? Some of those kids (OK - possibly most of those kids) are spoiled to a degree of disproportionate disaster that they may never fully recover. Some of the parents come across as barely a step above Mommy Dearest... but they still live in a world where my children would not fully fit in. It's a world of airbrushed, technicolor (perceived) "perfection."

Sure - I could enter my youngest in such a pageant, but you know what? If she won anything, I would secretly wonder if she won based upon some kind of "pitty-points." How would my child fit in to a world where looking "perfect" is everything?

Truly, honestly, with all my heart, my child looks PERFECT to me! I look at the faces of other children with an extra chromosome... or for that matter any kind of difference, and I see a beauty I couldn't fully perceive or appreciate prior to the birth of my youngest.

You know what I want? I want my kid... I want every kid to have a chance to feel "Perfect" just the way they were created! I want them to have an opportunity to win a "title" and maybe even a trophy to show just how much they rock what they have. I want bald kids, kids who have survived burns and every other unique or not-so-unique kid in this big, beautiful world to have that chance to revel in their own awesomeness!

And I want to help save lives.

That's kind of a big order, isn't it?

I may be trying to move some mountains, but at least I can say I'm "trying," right?

So this is what I have done. I have set up my own Pageant, and anyone, yes ANYONE, can enter. And those entry fees? Well... they all go to a fund with a registered charity called Reece's Rainbow to help pay for the adoption of a child with different-abilities. In other countries, such children are often abandoned and put into archaic institutions where they never know what it is to be loved. They are given NO education and many die very young for lack of medical attention, food and love.

So... the pageant is for a GREAT cause, and on top of that, every child can have a trophy and tiara (or crown) sent to them for winning! Winning at being just who they are. (Yes - it costs a little extra for the trophy, etc. because this is a purely charitable event.)

Please consider entering your child. Please consider spreading the word!
Click the link below to learn more!


This world is already a beautiful place - so lets celebrate it for what it is!



  1. For what it's worth, I think the Skink is indeed perfect and absolutely gorgeous just the way she is. Cannot wait till we can adopt from RR!

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