Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Present and a Little Christmas Miracle

The hubby had to work on December 25th, so we quietly bumped our Christmas celebration to the 26th. Parents of an autistic child know well that you can't simply tell your child that Santa will be visiting all her friends an entire day before he will be visiting her (even if she might possibly be on the "Naughty" list) or imply in any way that she is missing Christmas. That would have caused the planet to implode.

Lucky for us we were able to pull the whole thing off without a hitch. It was a Christmas miracle for sure!

Christmas is a very stressful time for kids in the autism spectrum. New sights, sounds and smells, more activity, family visits and last but not least the anticipation. For an autistic child, this is a recipe for disaster. We've had our share of behavioral issues and meltdowns over the past days - can't imagine why my blood pressure is so wacked out...

Anyway, today we celebrated Christmas.

With all The Skink has been through recently with her bout with viral pneumonia, it was only appropriate that Santa would bring her her very own medical equipment! Her first order of business was to check daddy's heart.

He has one!

Don't mind the hair. We couldn't let a little thing like a messy mop get in the way of Christmas excitement! The Skink also got a Victorious doll - a toy based on her favorite television show. The doll sings the show's theme song... and The Skink (who knows every word) sings right along with the doll. (Translation: we've been listening to the Victorious theme song for about 3 hours straight now... )

But the Girls' big present (and I do mean BIG) was the giant wood doll house I found for an unbelievably low price on line. Sure - it took a few days, some bruised thumbs and a bunch of stress required a little assembly, but it was worth it! The girls love it and will likely play with it a lot once they can get it away from me...

Help! The Christmas gifts are eating my children!

You know you got the right gifts when:

The Skink also received a Cow Christmas ornament, but she doesn't believe cows belong on the tree. Silly us! Every Skink knows that cows belong in bed!

Broadway's big gift was a computer. We haven't seen him since the time this picture was taken.

She's becoming a bit overstimulated. Can you tell?

Toothbrushes make great stocking stuffers - and apparently need regular naps.

And these... these shoes go perfectly with practically any outfit - including pajamas.

Look! Iraq got a toy that's actually meant to be kicked.

And we certainly wouldn't forget the dog... or Daddy's requirement for great quantities of cocoa!

Meltdowns and all, it's been a fun day so far. The next few days should be interesting with Iraq, but at least there will be some fun new toys to play with when I'm not sitting on her.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season!



  1. Merry Christmas! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun! :)

  2. Merry Christmas, looks like it was a wonderful day!! LOVE those shoes ;-) I'd rock those with PJs too :-)

  3. Your Christmas looks like it was enjoyed by all, and as long as it is all about family does it really matter when you celebrate we often celebrate it in the winter so it is cold and feels like Chistmas


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