Saturday, December 24, 2011

Random Moments

Today was a day that started like any other - at least any other weekend day where I don't have to crawl out of bed half asleep and drag children, unwilling, from their slumber. OK - so today started like any other relaxing weekend day.

I woke up with the rise of the sun, to the sound of The Skink's voice as it carried through the crackling baby monitor. She was happily playing in her room. As I lay in bed and listened, it became clear she was practicing her stand-up comedienne skills before a herd of admiring cattle.

The jokes weren't completely distinguishable... something about a mermaid eating taquitos. There must have been a really good series of one-liners because The Skink laughed and laughed. Sure - so she laughs at her own jokes. Girlfriend knows she rocks!

Since my youngest was clearly entertained at the moment, I took my time getting dressed. I've been dieting and I reveled in the knowledge that my clothes were clearly outgrowing me. I stood before the mirror, turning this way and that, admiring my curves and taking note of some of the more stubborn lumps that clearly need a lecture from the soft-spoken  health-nazi on my Pilates DVD. Or lipo. Lipo would be good.

When I emerged after getting dressed and my morning bathroom ritual of consuming a small breakfast of blood pressure medications, vitamins and toxic levels of potassium, I found Iraq quietly watching T.V. in the living room. It was a little like stepping into an alternate reality to find she had already let the dog out (and back in), eaten some breakfast and constructed a 50 piece puzzle featuring rainbows and unicorns.

"Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?"

"Wow, Iraq. What a great job you did this morning! I'm so proud of you for taking care of the dog and getting your own breakfast!"

I then proceeded upstairs where I found The Skink and her cows jumping on the bed. Once dressed (The Skink - not the cows) we came downstairs where the girls requested "Frosted Flakes." (OK - really? No fuss about wanting ice cream or begging for bacon? Did I fall out of bed and hit my head last night?)

Iraq even ran upstairs and found an outfit similar to the one I had dressed her little sister in - because she wanted to look like her sister today.

My hallucinations of an easy and happy morning continued as the girls offered a photo-op in which both smiled and played sweetly with each other. The camera doesn't lie, right? Tell me you can see these pictures too!

Broadway saw them this morning and asked if they were both prisoners.

And my favorite:

I really enjoyed our temporary reprieve from wacked-out behavioral issues this morning. It was a great Christmas Eve gift! Ironically, my husband has to work today and tomorrow, so as far as the girls know, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Shhhhhhhhhh... don't tell!

One other fun and interesting little gem to report:

Yesterday Iraq looked outside and exclaimed, "Hey mom! There's a bird on that tree and it's pecking itself!"

Actually, it was pecking the tree. I looked it up and it turns out it's a Downey Woodpecker. The males have red spots on their head, so this one appears to be a female.

Oh - and one last thing! I rank among the world's worst when it comes to sending out Christmas cards. One year I even went so far as to purchase the cards, made it about a quarter of the way through addressing them, and then got side-tracked with 100 other things and forgot to send them. In lieu of sending physical cards... here ya go! It's a pittance, but it's all I've got :P

Happy Holidays!



  1. Happy holidays, my friend! Wishing you many more miracles and blessings.

  2. Sweet Photos! It sounds like you had a lovely day! :)


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