Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wild Weekend - Parade and Virginia Safari Park

More on her later...

One thing about our Virginia town - we know how to have a family-friendly good time! This Saturday was the annual Thanksgiving Parade, and of course Broadway was right up near the front. He's the JrROTC 3rd Year Flight Commander this year... and his Mommy is very proud!

I love the second face from the left - LOL! "Dude! A tree!"

Because The Skink is still in "recovery" mode following her little bout with pneumonia, we took precautions and mummified her upon finding our parade rout spot:

She was nice and warm and loved every minute of the vikings,

the bagpipes (her favorite)

and, of course, the BIG GUY himself!

Don't you love parades where Santa gets to ride on a big, shiny firetruck?

Virginia Safari Park:

On Sunday Daddy had a little surprise for the family! I gotta tell you - I'm really impressed. he planned this all out himself and kept it a secret from the kids - right up until the first head popped in the car window!

You should have seen The Skink's face when she found herself nose-to-nose with an African Eland!

Iraq had a minor freak-out at first when a hungry llama tried to down her entire bucket of Purina exotic-critter-chow. We found the llamas to be very aggressive exotic-critter-chow hunters. We wanted to make the food last throughout the park so we closed the windows after giving the first group a small snack. They would trot beside the car giving us dirty looks for not having our windows open... and we all laughed hysterically at them... so they covered our windows with llama saliva.

I require critter-chow. Please to open your window!
"I'll show YOU 'Thanksgiving'!"

I love the look on this little guy's face. All the bigger critters were chasing him off, but my hubby drove up and made sure he got a special treat. He looks like Santa just showed up!

And this next shot - I had the perfect picture all planned out... the little guy lying down all pretty. Got it all centered, and...  
"Oh Hai!"

"Mooo" *with a Scottish brogue*

 Don't piss this guy off!
Or he'll rip the entire bucket of food right out of your husband's hands and take it with him... and leave some drool behind just to make his point clear!

Virginia - where the deer and the antelope play. Who knew?
What you gon' do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My lovely lady lumps

 Nice socks! I knew anklets were coming back this season!

Ok guys and girls. That's great! Thanks for helping me with my "Fall" themed photo!

Broadway - making a new friend.

XL LOLCat says, "Hey! Ya think you might be able to bring one of those antelope over this way?"

I think this one won the race. He looks all out-of-breath to me.

Can you see the baby monkey?

Ok - enough of the Baaaaaaaad jokes!

If you ever find yourself near Natural Bridge, Virginia, we highly recommend this place! This is the last weekend they are open before shutting the poor African zebras and antelope in some nice, heated barns for the winter, but they open back up in March. You can see more on Virginia Safari Park by clicking THIS link.

Hope you had a fun and exotic weekend too!



  1. Random bit of trivia--The camel you saw was a Dromedary. Dromedaries have two humps and are more common than their one humped cousins, the Bactrians.

  2. Loved the pictures and the commentary. Glad to see the Skink is feeling better!!!

  3. Wow! All of your pictures are awesome! What a fun parade! You must be so proud of your son! I love the animal shots! What a great park! Fun!

  4. Love seeing the kids' reactions to the Animals. Thanks for sharing.


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