Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Hospital Update

One of The Skink's doctors has a daughter who adores cows. This evening she brought her daughters up to meet The Skink and bring her a present!

Are these just the cutest things?

I have a feeling once The Skink is feeling better, these will become a favorite part of her wardrobe. I can totally see converting these to cute little planters once she outgrows them (If they're not worn to bits).

While The Skink seemed to have perked up for a short time this morning, she slept the rest of the day. She is receiving regular breathing treatments and IV fluids. This morning she drank some apple juice and ate 18 goldfish crackers. Since then? Nada. Nope - not a darn thing. All she wanted to do was sleep, and she didn't want to be bothered. This evening I tried to get her to eat a french fry, but no dice (not that I would try to feed her dice - but whatever).

Thank you for the comments and the prayers! We truly appreciate them! The latest word is that she probably won't be leaving the hospital before Monday (yeah - they've added a day). At least she's in a great place and there are great people taking care of her - like ones that bring pink cow boots!

Have a good evening all -



  1. Cute boots! I really hope she feels better soon!! Poor baby! I also wanted to let you know that your blog post right before this one got me to take Darya to the doctor this afternoon. She's been fighting a cold/cough this week, and the past couple of days she's hardly eaten or drank a thing. So, after reading your blog post, I called the doctor and was able to take her in right away. She has an ear infection, so I'm glad it's not worse. But because of you, I decided to take her in rather than wait it out. I really, really hope the Skink feels better soon so she can romp around in those adorable new boots!

  2. Those boots are adorable. I'm glad to hear that she is being well taken care of while she needs to be in hospital. *HUGS*


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