Thursday, October 13, 2011

Any Blog Friends Need a Good Giveaway Idea for Fun... or Fund Raising??

So this post is off my usual beaten path of kids, kid stuff, school, special needs, etc, etc...

No, this post is to let all my friends and blogger buddies know about something I can do for you. A long time few years ago I wanted very much to major in Art, but I was warned off that major for practicality sake. The truth of the matter is that there are not many pencil & paper or paint & canvas artists out there making a boot-load of dough. So I majored in Communications & Journalism instead.

While I love writing, I must now look for something marketable to the masses as it were. These are tough economic times and... well...

So anyway, I have recently found a way of combining my love of art with the computer world in a rather unique and fun way. Have you ever had a photograph that was very good... except for an awful background? Or an unfortunate zit taking up prime real estate? Or a stain? Or drool? Or the 30 years you seem to have put on over night? Or...  ?

I think we've all had photos like that. Well, I've discovered that I'm actually rather talented at altering photos. Check out these before and after shots:

My beautiful mother doesn't like the way she looks in pictures... but she has just uploaded the one I did for her (on the right) as her Facebook profile picture.

This is me. Can you tell I took the picture myself? In the bathroom? I'm afraid the dim light was not kind to my 40-some years. It's not the best picture of me, but it served as great practice!

This is one of those rare pictures of myself that I actually rather like... except that you can tell I took it myself while sitting in my car... and you can see a child car seat in the back.
Aside from adding in my own funky background, I also had a little fun and made my green eyes even more green. My husband calls them my "Incredible Hulk" eyes. Rawr!

The neat thing is that with a clear photo, there's not a whole lot I can't do. At this time I can't add other people into a photo - but I can whiten your teeth, put eye liner on you, wipe the drool off your kid, airbrush cellulite (within reason), oh, and...

 I can take your already adorable kid and highlight certain features... or even change them. You should know, Iraq actually has dark brown eyes. Heeheehee!

And I can also do artsy stuff.

So here's the deal. Three randomly-selected commenters will get free photo-editing services for any photo of their choice. The only stipulations are that you must own all rights to the photo, and it should be a fairly clear photo.

This would also be the perfect accent to a fundraiser or a blog giveaway!

So leave a comment and tell a friend!

Good luck!



  1. Wow! So cool! Those pictures are amazing!

  2. I lurk never comment, but love your blog, and while I love to take pictures, im not so good with the editing part yet..


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