Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moo Cow, Moo Cow, Cows! Cows! Cows!

Hey look! It's Emergency Cow!


So anybody familiar with my youngest, "The Skink," knows that she is a cow fanatic! The Easter Bunny brings most kids toy bunnies or chicks. He brings The Skink toy cows!

We have a herd of no fewer than 15 cows that reside in her room... many have the honor of lounging in her bed all day. She has her "school cow" and her "home cows." Cows go on trips with us and...

Do you remember this?

Our poor little Skink ended up in the hospital Pediatric ICU with viral pneumonia for over a week in November... and then again (in the regular pediatric ward) in January... and the cows were there to help us all through it.

During the initial November visit, we met the most wonderful ICU pediatrician who we will call "Dr. Cow." Having been raised on a dairy farm, Dr. Cow took a shine to The Skink, and The Skink to her! In fact, Dr. Cow has a young daughter who is a cow fanatic also - so when we ran into Dr. Cow and her small herd of daughters in the WalMart a few weeks ago, she told us about a Dairy Cow Show at Virginia Tech this weekend.

We may have been at a dairy farm in the VA Tech agricultural complex, but as far as The Skink was concerned, we were at some sort of bovid Disney World!

She was thrilled beyond words to see (and smell) real cows up close. They are so much less odoriferous in pictures! I was enjoying watching The Skink's enjoyment... but I was also turning a little green with the smell. I can handle horse smells. Cows do NOT smell like horses!

But The Skink didn't want to leave. At least not until she had personally said "Hi, cow!" to each and every cow there.

The Skink was negotiating with me to take this one home.

We finally dragged her away from all her new friends and headed home. We had a long conversation about our adventure which went a little like this:

Me: "Did you have fun?"
Skink: "YES!"
Me: "What did you see?"
Skink: "Cows! Black. White. Moo!"
Me: "Did you like seeing the cows?"
Skink: "Yes!"
Me: "Did the cows smell bad?"
Skink: "NO! Cows NOT smell bad! Cows good! Good cows!"

Apparently I really made her mad asking if the cows smelled bad! How dare I say such things about cows? What kind of mommy would suggest your favorite animal is stinky?

She has forgiven me now, and I can hear her and her big sister giggling over the monitor. My girls decided to have their first "Sleep Over" tonight.

The cows were invited!

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