Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brandy the Wonder Dog - On the Bus!

So Brandy is our Olde Victorian Bulldogge and last year I started training her (at age 7) to be a service dog. She shocked us all by picking up the training incredibly fast.
You can see some of those posts Here.

Anyway, Brandy wanted to come to the bus stop with us this morning. Normally when its this cold, she prefers to sleep it, but not today. She had her purty pink dog coat, her teal, sparkly collar, and she was ready for a walk in the snow!

She learned last year not to be afraid of the big, noisy bus, and this morning she actually looked eager when the bus pulled up. We've never worked with her ON the bus because we had not planned on her going to school with either of the girls. I can only imagine the reaction of the parents of the other students when they learned that this was one of the class room regulars.

The bus driver hadn't met Brandy before and when the door opened he called to her and she followed Iraq right on to the bus. The thing that amazed me was that she didn't just get on to go mooch attention off the bus driver, but went directly to my daughter's seat and sat just as pretty as you please, ignoring all the doting children.

This dog takes her job seriously. She amazed me once again! Most other dogs, climbing on to a bus fully-loaded with noisy grade-school kids would likely have run from kid to kid, feeding off that childhood-level of excitement.

But I never even trained her under these circumstances! Never trained her where to sit on a bus, never trained her around a hoard of excited children... yet somehow, she just knew.

And when I tried to get her back off the bus? She refused to leave Iraq. I had to pretty much drag her away from Iraq's side, and you should have seen the look of concern on Brandy's face! Her expression clearly said, "We can't just leave her here! I need to stay with her!"

She begrudgingly obeyed my command to "unload," and stared longingly after the bus as it pulled away from the curb.

Sitting like a dog - FAIL!

Are dogs awesome or what?

 "OK... Merry Christmas already. Now will you please take this dumb hat off me?"


Edit: Just had to add the link to this article in the WSJ today:

The Doctor's Dog Will See You Now

 Have a great day, all! 


  1. That's AWESOME!!! I mean really, really great. And YES dogs are the best. :-)

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL dog (just love them)!! And how amazing that she could be trained at her age!! AMAZING=)

  3. Wow! Brandy is amazing! What a great story! I giggled as I pictured what my dogs would do if they had a chance to climb aboard a bus full of children, they would be beside themselves with excitement! I love her pictures too! Sweet girl!

  4. What a sweetie! and stinkin smart, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!
    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Brandy is a beauty!

  5. I had to write and say awesome!! We have an english bulldog and I cracked up over those last two pictures!! We put a christmas vest on Bo and he managed to get it off by attaching himself to a tree, then ate the vest. No vest for me he said. Bulldogs are so incredible with children. Such sweet children you have!


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